This content is about a mod that changes the in-game map in a video game to a high-definition Chinese map. To install the mod, users need to download and install OpenIV, then drag and drop the provided installation package onto OpenIV. The mod replaces the existing map with the Chinese map in the game’s mods folder. However, there is a known issue with some gaps in the map. The mod file size is 21 MB.

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全中文地图 Chinese Map 1.0

全中文地图 Chinses Map 1.0




install by openiv(oiv package)
replace ingame map to Chinese Map.
known issue:There are splicing gap.



Download mod

File File size
Chinese Map
21 MB

Tagged HUD, Misc Texture

Due to the limited information provided about the specific features and functionalities of the “Table 全中文地图 Chinese Map 1.0 Mod” and the other five mods, it is difficult to make a detailed comparison. However, below are some general points of comparison that can be considered when analyzing and comparing mods:

1. Supported Platforms: Some mods may be designed only for specific gaming platforms, such as PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. It is essential to check if the mods you are comparing are compatible with your preferred gaming platform.

2. Map Quality and Level of Detail: Consider the quality and level of detail provided by each mod’s map. This includes aspects such as the accuracy of the map, the range of locations, landmarks, or points of interest marked on the map, and the clarity of the map design.

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3. User Interface and Navigation: Evaluate how user-friendly and intuitive the mods’ user interfaces are. Look for features that enhance navigation, such as search functions, clear labeling, or the ability to toggle different layers or categories on the map.

4. Additional Features: Apart from the core functionality of displaying a map, mods may offer additional features that enhance the gaming experience. These can include features like fast travel points, quest markers, or customization options. Compare the range of additional features provided by each mod and determine which ones align with your preferences.

5. Performance and Compatibility: Consider the performance impact of each mod on your gaming experience. Some mods may require significant system resources, causing lag or instability. Furthermore, verify if the mods are compatible with other mods or game expansions you may have installed.

6. Support and Updates: Look into the mod developers’ track record of providing updates and support. Active developers who address bugs, add new features, or improve compatibility can greatly enhance the overall value of a mod.

Ultimately, the best mod for you depends on your specific needs, preferences, and the game you are playing. Carefully evaluate the mods based on the factors mentioned above and choose the one that aligns with your requirements.
全中文地图 Chinese Map 1.0
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