A beefier, slightly redesigned cousin of the original Buffalo bearing a moniker of S/C trades reasonable turning radius and a mediocre V6 for a supercharged whining V8 that looks like it could smash its way out of the engine bay and strangle anyone daring oppose it with its timing belt. Increased mass results in a car that drives more like a steamroller than a sleeper-looking four-door sedan. Only a well-placed shot from an anti-materiel rifle to the engine may halt its destructive march. Subtlety be damned. 
Southern San Andreas Super Autos 

This is an improved model of original Bravado Buffalo. As of 1.1, it comes as single model with tuning parts and liveries: 
– Bravado Buffalo S/C (model name: buffalosc). 


Change Log:
+ Added missing seatbelts.
• Tweaked custom grille livery mapping.
• Tweaked liveries: Bruise Blue OEM Stripe (corrected grille mapping), Raging Red OEM Stripe (corrected grille mapping, more vivid red), Your Ex-Girlfriend’s Enemy (corrected grille and skirt mapping), Ferocious Flames (spoilers are no longer coloured).
• Minor model fixes.

Initial release.


• Full livery support: 4K template available in the archive.
• Body: remodelled rear fascia (reminiscent of 2006-2010 Dodge Charger), new headlight clusters, working fog lights, new badges, new grille with transparent mesh, front plate, third brake light, brighter light textures, various minor improvements.
• Tuning: 7 liveries, custom front bumpers, grilles, hoods, spoilers, exhaust tips and door trim.
• Interior: added pedals, added automatic transmission shifter, improved rear seats.
• Wheels: colourable steel rims with Bravado logo, colourable brake calipers (support secondary colour).
• Engine: new shaking V8 model (supports secondary colour).
• Handling: higher top speed, stronger understeer at higher speed, increased mass.
• Sound: custom V8 engine sound with supercharger whine.
• All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, all LODs etc.

Rockstar Games – original vehicle model.
Voit Turyv – vehicle model, UV mapping and templating, tuning parts.
Eddlm – custom handling.
LamboFreak – custom soundbank.
matej, Valante Luize Sushi – screenshots.

3D Artists:
DynamoHotRun – custom bash bars, custom front bumpers.
GhostRiderPT – headlight casing model.
le_shark – improved trunk model.
MrKote – improved rear bumper model, custom grilles, custom hood.

Graphics And Livery Artists:
(Ambient) – Bruise Blue OEM Stripe, Raging Red OEM Stripe, S/C Black Trim, Your Ex-Girlfriend’s Enemy.
Boywond – Buffalo S/C badges.
Smukkeunger – Grey Bravado Fender Stripes.
TheSecretPower – Ferocious Flames.
The Shotty – Off-Duty.

If you want to modify the model or reupload it somewhere else, make sure to contact me and give credit.


Installation guide in a readme file in the archive.




Cooool Mod, Right !!!

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1567045491