If police brutality was a vehicle, it would be the Buffalo S/C. Let’s face it: times when police sedans bore unassuming looks are long over. This high-trimmed cousin of the ordinary V6-powered Buffalo does not need any lighting or a fancy paintjob to mark its presence – its loud and brash supercharged V8 will make sure you notice it speeding on a highway with a zealous cop behind its wheel. Once this tank is rolling, you had better pray you aren’t mistaken for an obstacle – because if you are unlucky, this car’s increased mass will make quick work of brutally sweeping you off-road. 


Change Log:

• Pack rebuilt from ground up using an updated Bravado Buffalo S/C model.
+ General: new interior equipment – dash cam, speed radar, toughbook; improved lighting setups, police equipment and liveries; added addon vehicle soundbanks – supercharged V8 engine with police sirens (different for every agency) and police chatter.
– As a result of above, removed support for Eddlm’s Auto Engine Sound Swapper script.
– Removed NOOSE PIA version.
• Renamed the DLC archive to vtbuffaloscpol.

• LSPD, LSSD, NOOSE PIA: fixed tiny lightbar model issues.

– General: added support for Auto Engine Sound Swapper by Eddlm – vehicles now have their correct engine sounds and audible sirens; headlight glass will not tint anymore.
+ Added SAHP model with a lightbar, FIB model and NOOSE PIA model.
– SAHP slicktop: removed coronas from amber lights.

• Initial release.


Rockstar Games – original vehicle and police equipment models and textures.
Voit Turyv – vehicle model, UV mapping and templating, law enforcement variants, livery designs, police equipment models: lighting equipment, dashcam, loudspeaker, pushbar, working spotlights; emergency lighting setups.
Eddlm – custom handling.
LamboFreak – custom soundbank.
11john11, Jacobmaate – screenshots.

Notes: Civilian version available here



Installation guide in a readme file in the archive.




Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1567044754