Hi guys! This is my 15th mod. 🙂

The 1957 Ferrari 250 TR V1.1 has an extremely powerful engine that enables it to achieve maximum speed in the shortest time if the player wants it. Along with that is a sturdy and solid frame with extremely good handling which makes it easier to control and withstand more collisions when used in the GTAV.
Model from: Forza Motorsport 7
Extracted by: Zievs
Add-On, Handling and Improvement by: GreenAid
Liveries and Dirtmap by: ReNNie
Converted by: OhiOcinu
Screenshots by: Abhi123

1957 Ferrari 250 TR V1.1 - 1

-Initial Release

-Fixed content.xml

-Burn Area
-Glass Dirt
-Some texture improvements

-LODs 1-4 included
-2 liveries included
-Template included
-Breakable Glass
-Hands on steeringwheel
-Animated engine and exhaust
-Extra 1: Bonnet
-Paint 1: Body
-Paint 2: Seats

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1957 Ferrari 250 TR V1.1 - 2

1957 Ferrari 250 TR V1.1 - 3

1957 Ferrari 250 TR V1.1 - 4

1957 Ferrari 250 TR V1.1 - 5

1957 Ferrari 250 TR V1.1 - 6

How To Install 

For add-on:

1.- Go to “/update/x64/dlcpacks/”, create a new folder called “250tr” and put inside the “dlc.rpf” file.

2.- Export “dlclist.xml” from “/update/update.rpf/common/data/” path to your desktop with OpenIV. Open the file with a text editor and add the following line to the end:


3.- Import the file again to the path above with OpenIV.

4.- Done, use a Trainer to spawn the cars with “250tr” name, and enjoy!


Thanks for download and don’t forget share it to your friends!

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1574400246

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