Download 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (Custom Style) Stage 1 – Screenshots and Description:

1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (Custom Style) Stage 1

1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Coupe (Custom Style)

I want to give all credit to iSmackz who gave me permission to use his mod 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Known Bugs:


-HQ Interior
-3D Engine (LS Twin Turbo)
-Working Steering Wheel
-Correct Player Position
-Correct Hands On Steering Wheel
-Working Headlights
-Working Dials
-Real Chrome Details
-Custom Wheels (Forgiatos)
-Added GTA Plates


1. Copy the “77Monte” folder to
Grand Theft Auto V update x64 dlcpacks

(Or make an new folder called “77Monte” and place the provided dlc.rpf in there)

2. Open OpenIV, extract
Grand Theft Auto V update update.rpf common data dlclist.xml
open it (Using any note pad), add new line :
Save and you done.

You can spawn the car using Simple Trainer Or Menyoo by name “77Monte”

Hope you enjoy this 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Coupe!


iSmackz of (No Mercy Empire)

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