Hi everyone!

This mod will let you have the best experience with the 1987 Ferrari F40 V1.1. The vehicle with a sporty and stylish design along with a powerful engine that enables the player to achieve the highest speed, accompanied by sturdy structures that create the safest feeling when driving.

The car model was originally converted and created by Knoxville9813 and NOT me! I just made an Add-On version of the car since everyone wanted the car as an Add-On.

1987 Ferrari F40 V1.1 - 1

• Working Speedometer
• High Quality Interior and Exterior
• HD Engine
• Tires Burst
• V8 Engine Sound
• Trunk and Hood Opens

• Unbreakable Windows (Known Issue)
• No Pop Up Headlights

Zurilution (Add-On Converter)
Knoxville9813 (Original Creator/Converter)

Version 1.1
• Higher Quality Rear Bonnet Grill
• New Shift Knob Font


1987 Ferrari F40 V1.1 - 2

1987 Ferrari F40 V1.1 - 3

1987 Ferrari F40 V1.1 - 4

1987 Ferrari F40 V1.1 - 5

1987 Ferrari F40 V1.1 - 6

1987 Ferrari F40 V1.1 - 7

How To Install 

Just simply drag the file in the correct path, and edit dlclist.xml!

For “dlc.rpf”

GTAV > mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks > f40

(Make sure to create a folder named “f40”)

For rewriting dlclist.xml

GTAV > mods > update > update.rpf > common > data

(Right click the file and click edit)

Add the following line:



Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget share to your friends!

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1574874257