Download 2000 Vapid Stanier (Police Pack) [Add-On] 1.1 – Screenshots and Description:

2000 Vapid Stanier (Police Pack) [Add-On] 1.1

Vapid Stanier by Velactor

This is an improved model of Vapid Stanier.
LSPD model (polstanier),
LSSD model (sherstanier),
LSPD model (polstanier2),
LSSD model (sherstanier2),

All the model improvements shared with the civilian Stanier.
Law enforcement variants: Accurate liveries, lighting setups and interior equipment, wobbling antennae.
LSPD and LSSD: new lightbar based closely on Federal Signal Arjent S2 used on LAPD/LASD vehicles – custom model with LED-based lighting setup, door trim, Power Metal branded pushbar with working red side lights (LSSD) glass/3D-meshed prisoner partition, dummy passenger door cards 8 liveries (LSPD), 6 liveries featuring either white or black body pillars (LSSD) extra parts: lightbar-mounted ALPR, speed radar.
All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, all LODs etc.

– Los Santos Police Departement unmarked Vapid Stanier
-LSPD model (polstanier2)
– Los Santos Sheriff Departement unmarked Vapid Stanier
-LSSD model (sherstanier2)

– Los Santos Police Departement Vapid Stanier
-LSPD model (polstanier)
– Los Santos Sheriff Departement Vapid Stanier
-LSSD model (sherstanier)


1. Start OpenIV.

2. Navigate to ‘mods’ folder or create it in GTA V root folder if you don’t have it.

3. Create a series of folders inside ‘mods’:


4. Move the provided dlc.rpf inside “vstanierpol”.

5. Leave ‘mods’ folder. Locate ‘dlclist.xml’:

GTA V/update/update.rpf/common/data

Enable ‘edit mode’ and when OpenIV prompts you to copy the whole catalogue to ‘mods’ folder, do it.

6. Add the following line:


7. If done correctly, the pack should be ready to use.

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Rockstar Games – Police equipment models, textures and handling.

Voit Turyv – Livery designs, police equipment models: lighting equipment, dashcam, emergency lighting setups.


11john11 – speed radar model, emergency lighting setups.

IlayArye – ALPR model conversion.

Jacobmaate – original LSPD and LSSD lightbar model.

Skitty – Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model, ALPR model.

Vx5 Voltage – police toughbook model, police console model improvements.


AlexanderLB – Wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture, police toughbook case and wallpaper textures.

11john11 and IlayArye – Mapped.

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