Download 2012 Vapid Scout (Police Pack) [Add-On | WIP] 1.2 – Screenshots and Description:

2012 Vapid Scout (Police Pack) [Add-On | WIP] 1.2

This is an improved model of Vapid Scout.
LSPD model (polscout),
LSSD model (sherscout),

All the model improvements shared with the civilian Scout.
Full livery support: 4K template available in the archive.
Law enforcement variants: Accurate liveries, lighting setups and interior equipment, wobbling antennae.
LSPD and LSSD: new lightbar based closely on Federal Signal Arjent S2 used on LAPD/LASD vehicles – custom model with LED-based lighting setup, door trim, Power Metal branded pushbar with working red side lights (LSSD); glass/3D-meshed prisoner partition, dummy passenger door cards; 8 liveries (LSPD), 6 liveries featuring either white or black body pillars (LSSD); extra parts: lightbar-mounted ALPR, speed radar.
All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, all LODs etc.

Add Add Los Santos Sheriff Departement unmarked Vapid Scout

Add Los Santos Sheriff Departement Vapid Scout
-LSSD model (sherscout)

– LSPD model (polscout),


1. Start OpenIV.

2. Navigate to ‘mods’ folder or create it in GTA V root folder if you don’t have it.

3. Create a series of folders inside ‘mods’:


4. Move the provided dlc.rpf inside “vscoutpol”.

5. Leave ‘mods’ folder. Locate ‘dlclist.xml’:

GTA V/update/update.rpf/common/data

Enable ‘edit mode’ and when OpenIV prompts you to copy the whole catalogue to ‘mods’ folder, do it.

6. Add the following line:


7. If done correctly, the pack should be ready to use.


GCT – Model.

Dani02 – Converted to V and handling.

Rockstar Games – Police equipment models and textures.

Voit Turyv – Livery designs, police equipment models: lighting equipment, dashcam, emergency lighting setups.


11john11 – speed radar model, emergency lighting setups.

IlayArye – ALPR model conversion.

Jacobmaate – original LSPD and LSSD lightbar model.

Skitty – Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model, ALPR model.

Vx5 Voltage – police toughbook model, police console model improvements.


AlexanderLB – Wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture, police toughbook case and wallpaper textures.

11john11 and IlayArye – Mapped.

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