This is 2014 Holden HSV GTS – the beautiful mods

“The only main issue about this is that its mirrors aren’t the same colour as the body and that it replaces the asea which is front wheel drive. Other than those thing I love this GTS. Hope you add more in the future.”

“Flawless work man, looking foward to what you bring next.”

Thanks for let me know your thoughts! I’ll improve it as soon as possible



Modello Origine: FH3
fonte: 3dmodels
Modello: Holden_HSV_GTS_2014
Converti: Modding V Tred @KF696


– [Caratteristiche]
– Modello di alta qualità.
– Breakable Vetro
– steeringwheel
– Luci
– Dials
– Dirt mappa
– tuning
-1color primary
-3 color mirrors
-4colors rims
-Exhaust and animated engine
-All basic functions
-Different aspects improved
-improve textures (correct tuning problems)
– all basic features




The beautiful car is here! 

Link Download :