The 2015 BMW I8 car mod in GTA V is one of the most perfect mod in the game. The model of the 2015 BMW I8 car mod was taken from FORZA Horizon. This mod was released not long after the release of FORZA Horizon.

This mod is basically an add on for the car which is originally a part of GTA V. its excellent code and car graphics which enhanced the gameplay to another level  are the main reasons due to which the download of 2015 BMW I8 car mode has spiked to 406,212.

Playable Features:

The 2015 BMW I8 car mod has a lot of playable features which adds realism to gameplay and enhances the gaming experience. The playable features which result in such realistic graphics are:

  • The 2015 BMW I8 car mod supports High definition graphics which highlights the details of the interior, the exterior and the engine of the BMW I8. Due to these High Definition graphics each and every detail is visible and the mod developer of the mod has made sure to code every detail of the car exactly as the real BMW I8. The primary and the secondary colors of the interior is identical to the original BMW I8. These details result in game being realistic.
  • The side doors are functional and work exactly like the real ones.
  • Body dirt has also been enabled to enhance the realistic features of the mod. So whenever the car is driven in sand or on the beach or in rain, the dirt will be visible on the BMW I8.
  • Hands on steering wheel is also enabled. 
  • Speedometer and the other dials are operational.  So whenever you are driving in hands on steering wheel mode, the speedometer and the other dials can be seen operational.
  • Head & Tail lights are also operational.
  • The glass of the car is also breakable so whenever the car is totaled or whenever the car is in an accident, the breaking of glass will provide realism to the game and will also enhance the gaming experience.
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Player’s Experience:

The experience of players playing with this is great but the experience of installing mod is difficult for most of the players. The reason is that this mod is not installed like the other mods. This mod doesn’t come with a necessary DLC path, so in order to install this mod you need to create a path for the DLC in order to work. Once the path of DLC is created and the DLC file is routed to the original file of the game than the mod can be easily installed.  According to players, the playing experience of the BMW I5 car mod is excellent.


Obviously as the BMW I8 car mod is not originally the part of GTA V so some issues are bound to arise. Some the come issues which arise while using this mod are:

  • The exterior of the car disappears once the car is parked in the garage.
  • The side doors stop working
  • The game crashed once the car is totaled.

These are some issues which can annoy many gamers. Now let’s hope to have a update for these bugs from the mod developers.s




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