The 2015 LaFerrari is the most modifiable car mode of GTA V among other LeFerrari mods. It is basically an add on for the previous 2015 LaFerrari. The new doesn’t remove the previous LaFerrari 2015 mod, but adds another car, which in this case is the new and the updated 2015 LaFerrari mod.

This mod was totally remade. This remake took three months to reconstruct. This mod was released in 2015, but since after the remake of the 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari, the download of this car mod has risen up to 447,891 downloads.

Playable Features:

Before the remake of the 2015 LaFerrari car mod, the code of the car mod was simple and had less playable features but after the release of the remake of 2015 LaFerrari, the playable features have increased. The playable features which have been newly added are:

  • This 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari car mod supports Ultra High Definition graphics which provides a detail look of the 2015 LaFerrari. Because of the Ultra High Definition graphics, the details of the exterior and interior of 2015 LaFerrari are clearly visible. This provides realism to the gameplay and the players can have of driving the 2015 LaFerrari virtually.
  • The head and the tails lights of the 2015 LaFerrari car mod are functional which adds an elegant look to the car.
  • The whole interior has been coded to portray a illuminant display which provides a finishing touch to the interior of the car and adds realism to the game.
  • The whole exterior frame of the car has been reconstructed from scratch and has been coded to support Ultra High Definition graphics which enhances the overall graphics of the game.
  • The hands-on steering wheel mode is also enabled. The speedometer and the other dial are also functional. These functional dials can be seen while driving the hands-on steering wheel mode. 
  • The side doors and the trunk have been operational in the updated mod. 
  • The rear aero flaps are also operational in the new update. The movement of the aero flaps can be seen while driving the car.
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Player’s Experience:

We have already discussed about the playable features and now it is time to discuss the experience of the players which they got from playing the2015 LaFerrari car. According to some of the players, this mod showed promise when it was released but it had a lot bugs and very little playable features but after the remake of the mod, the mod reached the potential for which it was constructed and this mod was appreciated by most of the gamers. 

The Ultra High Definition, engine detail, the operational head & tail lights and operational aero flaps are the new main playable features of the 2015 LaFerrari car mod.


As the mod is not the original part of the game so there are sometimes when issues will abrupt while playing the game. The most common issues which erupt while playing the game are 

  • The game used to crash while playing 
  • The modifications which were done while playing the game disappears when the game restarts.

These issues can erupt anytime because the mod is not properly installed or the mod has some bugs which need to be fixed.  But these bugs are not a problem because these will be fixed by the mod developer when he or she updates the mod to remove the bugs.







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