Download 2017 Ford Fusion – Turkish Police [ELS] 1.2 [Crash F?XED!] – Screenshots and Description:

2017 Ford Fusion - Turkish Police [ELS] 1.2 [Crash F?XED!]

Hello everyone, today I converted the 2016/2017 Ford Mondeo / Fusion Saloon car presented to you by @BritishGamer88 into the Turkish Police and presented it to you.

!!!!! Pictures has will updating! I couldn’t take the pictures due to a few problems because the game has been updated, so I added the textures pictures on the cover. Pictures will be updated after Script Hook V has been updated. !!!!

Installation information is available in the “Readme” in the file.


Original Author: Humster3D
Ported to GTAIV: BriishGamer88
Ported to GTAV: BritishGamer88
Poly’s Lowered: Tim
New Material’s/Texture’s: BritishGamer88
Wheel’s: ObsidianGames(Mathew Cammack)
Plates: MgTy
Modelled Boot Area: BritishGamer88
Modelled Bonnet Area: BritishGamer88
Interior: Unknow Author/Rockstar Games
Door Interior: Rockstar Games/BritishGamer88
Skin: Legestar
Setup: Furkan

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rarFord Fusion 2016 – Turkish Police [ELS]

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