The 2017 Nissan GTR is the newest Skyline car mod for GTA V. It is basically an add on for the previous Nissan GTR which was Nissan GTR 2015. The new doesn’t remove the previous Nissan GTR 2015 mods but adds another car which in this case is the new Nissan GTR 2017.

This mod was originally released in 2015 but since after the new add on Nissan GTR 2017, the download of this car mod has spiked up to 616, 980 downloads. 

Playable Features:

The newly added Nissan GTR is without a doubt one of the fastest cars in the game. But the main playable features are that this mod supports High Definition graphics which means that the car details can be easily seen while playing the game. The engine comes with detail information which includes a random engine and a chassis number.

This Nissan GTR 2017 comes with a 3D badge which adds more detail to the car. The 3D badges provide realism to the car and enhance the gaming experience for the players.  Not only the exterior of the car is supported by High definition graphics but the interior of the car also supports High Definition graphics.

The hands-on steering wheel mode is also enabled. The speedometer and the other dial are also functional. These functional dials can be seen while driving the hands-on steering wheel mode. The glass of the car is also breakable so whenever the car is totaled or whenever the car is in an accident, the breaking of glass will provide realism to the game and will also enhance the gaming experience.

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This car in total has three body kits which can be applied whenever you want.  The Nissan GTR 2017 mod supports both interior and exterior paint job which can modify the stock look of the car.

Player’s Experience:

We have discussed the playable features of the Nissan GTR 2017 car mod and now it is time to discuss the experience of players. Since the add-on of the mod was released, the popularity of the Nissan GTR 2017 car mod has increase quite a bit. The download of the mod spiked. According to many players, this mod provides realism to the game and enhances the gaming experience. 

One of the main reasons that the car provides realism to the game is the playable features which are embedded in the mod. The hands on steering wheel and the tuning of the car are the two playable features which are ranked as the best playable features of the mod by the players, the reason is that these two playable features provides realism to game and enhance the gaming experience.


As the mod is not the original part of the game so there are sometimes when issues will abrupt while playing the game. The most common issues which abrupt while playing the game are 

  • The game crashes while playing 
  • The modifications which are done while playing the game disappears when the game restarts.


These issues can erupt anytime because the mod is not properly installed or the mod has some bugs which need to be fixed.  But these bugs are not a problem because these will be fixed by the mod developer when he or she updates the mod to remove the bugs.

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2017 Nissan GTR Download

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