This vehicle is a 2017 Volvo V90 CC Swedish Police vehicle.
You may use this vehicle in your clan if you wish, just give me a cookie first.

Let’s gat the Mod – 2017 Volvo V90 CC Swedish Police.


The police equipment is modeled and textured by me, and consists of the following:
Standby L52C
Standby L52C Windshield Mount
Swedish Police wide angle mirror on the passenger side
Standby W1 Lightbar
Standby L88 Circle leds
Abicon Cabinet in the trunk
Cargo cage in the trunk
Standby Carat
Standby H1 Button
Standby Grill Siren
Grill high beam light

Templates can be found in the download.

Original v90 cc model is from Hum3d
Interior is from Forza motorsports and has been modified by me to fit the car.

Please don’t misuse the mod or try to steal it, that would just result in me not releasing any other vehicles.




Hope you Enjoy! 🙂

Link Download :