Wassup guys, Today I bring you another mod - 2018 Nissan GTR LB V1.0, I am very much so new to uploading any of my work, so if you find a bug/glitch/problem, please go ahead and comment that problem and I will go about fixing it. I try to do my best before releasing anything. None the less, I present this new mod to you. Please save all hate comments as its just a waste of your time. If you don't like it, then you dont have to download it.

2018 Nissan GTR LB V1.0 - 3

I appreciate all feedback from you all and will improve this mod as much as I can. Not gonna ask for donations and what not but some ideas of what you would like to see.
I have done many different types of vehicles, so if this release does good, I will be uploading more. Thanks for downloading in advance.
I can do custom requests if you want something custom made, just let us know.
If any bugs are fuond, Please let me know!


2018 Nissan GTR LB V1.0 - 1

2018 Nissan GTR LB V1.0 - 4

2018 Nissan GTR LB V1.0 - 5

2018 Nissan GTR LB V1.0 - 6

2018 Nissan GTR LB V1.0 - 2

How To Install 

*Drop the whole "2018gtrlb" folder into the dlcpacks location (Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdatex64dlcpacks) Place the folder there.

*Then Copy & Paste this into your dlclist.xml "dlcpacks:bronco"

*Location for your dlclist.xml (Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata)


Thanks for download!

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1571636129