Download 2019 Toyota Tundra Life Guard 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

2019 Toyota Tundra Life Guard 1.0

Life Guard 2019 Toyota Tundra

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[Installation Path]
Just grab the LGuardTundra file and throw it in your “Resources” file and start the file name in your server.cfg

[dlclist.xml Part 1]
1. Extract “dlclist.xml” with openIV from —–> updateupdate.rpfcommondata
2. Add new line “dlcpacks:LGuardTundra” to dlclist.xml
3. Save, and replace the old one at ——> updateupdate.rpfcommondata

[DLC Data Part 2]
1. Create a folder under modsupdatex64dlcpacks called “LGuardTundra”
2. drop dlc.rpf into the folder you just created.
3. Have Fun!


Base Model: BlueGhost
Whelen Ions: CEO
Whelen Dominator: OfficerFiveO
Whelen Liberty: Whelen Liberty modeled by RoegonTV, Edited heavily and Converted to GTA 5 by Liberty
Bed Cap: McGarret
Livery by: Henry J. Waternoose III#7700

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65 MB