Download 3 Towers to Heaven [Menyoo] 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

3 Towers to Heaven [Menyoo] 1.0


There are 3 towers that were built in San Andreas.


This is the shortest tower. It has many levels (platforms) you can base jump off or use as a sniper platform.

Small Island

This is the tallest tower from the ground to the top. It only has one level (platform), all the way at the top.
It has the longest ladder climb you’ll ever experience in GTA:V.
It also has the longest ladder slide in GTA:V.
From the very top you can see all of San Andreas. It’s so high in fact that jets fly below you.
Challenge: Base jump off the tower and see how far you can glide with the parachute. try to reach the airort in Los Santos.

Mount Chiliad

At the summit of Mount Chiliad, this tower is the same overall height as the Island tower. But it’s shorter overall because it rests on a mountain.
This tower has 5 levels to use for base jumping.


Once you’ve installed Menyoo you’ll have a “Menyoostuff” folder in your game directory.
Go to that, then drop the “Towers to Heaven” from the zip file in your Spooner folder.

To Launch

Use Menyoo. Manage files, select “Towers to Heaven”, then pick one of 4 files:
– Chiliad_Tower.xml
– Island_Tower.xml
– Vinewood_tower.xml
– Three_Towers.xml

Each tower has a marker at its base that will teleport you to the top.


V 1.0 – Initial release


[DCX] Zeuser

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