This content is a mod for the game Menyoo that adds five different poses for female characters. The mod requires the Jennie’s Custom Anims mod to be installed correctly and also has a readme file with installation instructions. The mod does not include any objects. There is a disclaimer that two of the animations need to be manually rotated to lie on the ground. The creator does not permit this mod to be converted for use in FiveM without their permission. The mod was credited to mggy and the file size is 1 MB.

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5 Female Poses V1.0

5 Female Poses V1.0

5 various poses for female peds in Menyoo!

Please read the readme file!! This is important as it has the compelte installation instructions.

Install using Jennie’s Custom Anims mod. Get it here: How to add Custom Animations easily

Make sure you follow their guidelines on how to install that mod properly and how to install animations using it.

Objects not included

disclaimer: the anims layreading and chillsplit need to be manually rotated to be laying on the ground, I have already attempted to fix this but couldn’t, sorry! This will not be available for FiveM conversion and any conversion without my permission is not allowed.



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When comparing the “Table 5 Female Poses V1.0” mod with other similar pose mods, it’s important to look at different aspects such as variety, quality, compatibility, user reviews, and popularity. Here is a brief comparison of Table 5 Female Poses V1.0 with five similar mods:

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1. “Pose Mod X”: This mod offers a wide range of poses for female characters and provides high-quality animations. It is highly praised for its smooth transitions and ease of use. However, it has limited compatibility with certain body mods.

2. “Feminine Pose Pack”: This mod focuses on providing elegant and feminine poses for female characters. The poses are well-crafted and compatible with many body types. It has received positive reviews for its aesthetic appeal and versatility.

3. “Dynamic Poses for Females”: Unlike Table 5 Female Poses V1.0, this mod focuses on dynamic action poses rather than static ones. It offers a variety of combat-related and expressive poses. While it may not suit every situation, it adds an extra layer of realism to gameplay and photography.

4. “Romantic Pose Collection”: As the name suggests, this mod specializes in romantic poses for female characters. It includes a range of sweet, intimate, and flirtatious poses. It has gained popularity among players who enjoy creating romantic stories and screenshots.

5. “Everyday Poses Pack”: This mod provides a collection of everyday poses and gestures for female characters, suitable for various scenarios such as casual conversations or idle moments. It offers a good variety of natural poses that can enhance immersion in the game.

Ultimately, the best pose mod will depend on personal preference and the specific needs of your gameplay or storytelling. It is recommended to try out different mods and see which one fits your style and requirements the most.
5 Female Poses V1.0
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