We’ve already spoken about how to modify your Mac address on Windows and Mac. However, is it feasible to modify your Mac address on a Chromebook? The actual Mac address cannot be changed because it is bound to the network hardware in your Chromebook device, but you can alter the address of your internet connection to boost security.

You could also wonder how to locate the Mac address on your Chromebook. In-depth instructions on finding your Mac address on a Chromebook and changing your IP address to maintain your online anonymity are provided in this post. Read more: crosh commands on ChromeOS

Where on my Chromebook is the Mac Address?

It’s pretty easy to find the Mac address on your Chromebook. Just click where your profile image is visible on the lower right-hand side of your Chromebook’s screen.

After that, select the Gear icon to access the Chromebook settings.
Click the Wi-Fi connection you are currently using in the list under Internet Connection in Settings, then click it again.

A second question you may also have is where to find the Mac address on your Chromebook.  This article will explain in detail both how to find your Mac address on your Chromebook as well as faking your IP address to protect your anonymity online.

Where is the Mac Address on My Chromebook?

To locate the Mac address on your Chromebook, it’s very simple.  Just navigate to the lower right-hand portion of your Chromebooks screen, and then click where your profile picture is displayed.

  • Next, click on the Gear icon, which brings you to your Chromebooks settings.
  • In Settings under Internet Connection, click on the Wi-Fi connection that you are using, and then click it again in the list.You can also use the following techniques to discover your Chromebook’s Mac address:Launch the Google Chrome web browser.
    Then, enter using your keyboard after typing “chrome:/system” in the address bar.
    Your Chromebook’s About System Information Details are displayed in the Chrome browser window.
    Scroll down to the “ifconfig” section. After that, select the Expand button.