Download Abandoned Humane Lab 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Abandoned Humane Lab 1.0

Location: Humane Lab

Move My Xml To GtaV Main Foler
Load It

Helicopters Sometimes Don’t Appear,If happen,Reload The Map.
Can I Use It For Videos Or Projects
Can I Manage Props If I Need
Any EasterEgg Of Your Previous Work,Yep -> About What Map Editor Maps
Nature Island Event
Cyberpunk alien base

What About This Current Version (1.0):
First Build
Added Only The Main Props To Give The Idea/Structure To This Mod.
In Future Builds Will Be More Detailed
Why No NPC
Because Adding Props Can Cause Them To Move,So,I’ll Add Them In Final Build
Why Only Core/Main Props To Give The Structure And No Too Many Small Detais:
I Want Think How Can It Improve,And,Also Looking At FeedBack Is A Good Idea
Can I Wait To Play The Second Build Instead Of The First:
Do It,But,You Have To Wait Not Sure But A Lot Of Time,From Days To Months Because Of Thinking How Continue And For Personal Reasons



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