AddonPeds GTA 5 is both a mod and a script. What it does is it allows you to add new ped models to the game. The interesting thing is that you don’t have to replace any of the files if you want.

You get a lot more value and quality from this process and you can easily optimize the PED models without making them too complex or too simple. Having control over all of this does help immensely, and it just delivers a great array of ideas for you to explore all the time. It’s totally worth the effort, especially if you want a more creative way to play the game.

What can you find in the AddonPeds mod?

This mod and script also has the Superman created by Quenchu13 and the Vito Scarletta mod. It really helps a lot and it will give you all the benefits and support you need from it without making it too complex. You will notice that you can edit ped settings, such as personality, combat mode, walk animation and so on. All these things help a lot and they deliver creative ideas and features you want to explore. It’s a creative aspect and one that pushes the boundaries all the time.


What do you need to make the AddonPeds GTA 5 addon work?

In order to access the Addon Peds menu add skin, you will need to have a few dependencies already installed. These are mandatory, so you have to keep them in mind to avoid any problems and ensure that the process works the way you want it to. What you want to add is NativeUI, as well as Scripthook and ScripthookVDotNet. Ideally you want to use the latest version for all these dependencies, so youy can avoid any signs of problems.

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AddonPeds GTA 5 is updated often and the latest version comes with a new editor software. It even has a PedSelector script. That helps you immensely and it delivers the factors and features you want while also delivering the support and quality you need.



How can you access the ped selector menu?

Using AddonPeds is very easy and just a seamless experience overall. You can access its features simply by pressing L and that’s it. That will give you access to the PED selector menu and then you can customize this tool in any way that you see fit. With AddonPeds you really get to push the boundaries when it comes to quality and the experience itself will shine all the time if you do it right.

With this tool you will finally make it easier to add or customize Ped models as you see fit. This helps a lot because you have more control over how you play. And since the tools are seamless and easy to use, you will have no problem making sure that everything is customized to the right parameters all the time. Overall, it’s a great mod tool to add and one you should check out today if you play GTA 5.


Press “L” to Open Ped Selector Menu.

Gta 5 addonpeds Download Links:

 3.0.1 (current) Link Download :