Download Advanced Anchor 2.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Advanced Anchor 1.5

Boats, Jetskis, Seaplanes and Submersibles can drop an anchor to keep them in place. No more vanished or despawned vehicles when resurfacing from diving.


– Auto anchor mode
– Manual anchor mode
– Map markers for anchored vehicles
– Anchor sound effects


– Script Hook V
– Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x64)


1. Install ScriptHook V
2. Copy “AdvancedAnchor.asi” and “AdvancedAnchor.ini” into the GTA 5 installation directory


The mod can be configured by editing the “AdvancedAnchor.ini” file. Each setting is explained in the ini file

Version 2.1
• Volume of boat and jetski sound effects have been adjusted to better match the volume of the ingame sound effects
• A volume setting for the sound effects has been added (can be adjusted individial for each vehicle class in the ini file)
• Setting to disable sound effects is no longer ignored

Version 2.0
– Submersibles can be anchored submerged
– Adds ability to anchor amphibious helicopters
– Add help messages
– Partial controller support

Anchor behavior

In auto-anchor-mode, the anchor will be dropped automatically when the player leaves the vehicle and retrieved when the player enters the vehicle.

In manual-anchor-mode, a key must be pressed (while inside of the boat) to drop or retrieve the anchor. If anchor key is pressed while driving, the vehicle will perform an emergency stop.

Auto-anchor-mode and manual-anchor-mode can also be configured to be used simultaneously (check configuration file)



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