The Aerobic Pose Pack Volume 1 is a collection of custom animations that includes 8 poses and one small animation. There are no additional features or props used in these animations. To install the poses, it is recommended to first install the customanims addons, and then manually place the YCD files in the specified folder. Finally, add the provided lines to your favoritesanims.xml file. The mod file size is 42KB, and it requires the vanilla game. Outfits used in the screenshots are not included in the pack.

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Aerobic Pose Pack Volume 1 1.0

Aerobic Pose Pack Volume 1 1.0

Aerobic Pose Pack Volume I are custom animations, which include 8 poses and on little animation.


???????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????? :

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– Before installing these poses, I’ll suggest you to install customanims addons from here : How to add Custom Animations easily [Add-On] (customanims) 1.0
– No OIV, you’ll need to manually place all the YCDs in dlcpacks/customanims/dlc.rpf/x64/anims/ingame/[email protected] ????

Open your favoritesanims.xml with any of text editor and add those lines :

– < Anim dict=”[email protected]″ name=”yoga001″ />
– < Anim dict=”[email protected]″ name=”yoga002″ />
– < Anim dict=”[email protected]″ name=”yoga003″ />
– < Anim dict=”[email protected]″ name=”yoga004″ />
– < Anim dict=”[email protected]″ name=”yoga005″ />
– < Anim dict=”[email protected]″ name=”yoga006″ />
– < Anim dict=”[email protected]″ name=”yoga007″ />
– < Anim dict=”[email protected]″ name=”yoga008″ />
– < Anim dict=”[email protected]″ name=”yoga009″ />
(Remove the space between < and Anim)

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Outfits are DidierSachs Aero made by Heaven Doll (not included).




Download mod

File File size
Aerobic Pose Pack Volume 1 1.0
42 KB

1. Table Aerobic Pose Pack Volume 2 – This mod is similar to the Table Aerobic Pose Pack Volume 1 as it also offers a collection of aerobic poses for players to use in their game. However, the Volume 2 mod may contain different poses or variations of poses compared to Volume 1.

2. Fitness Skill – This mod focuses on adding a new skill to the game, specifically the fitness skill. It allows players to level up their Sims’ fitness and unlock new fitness activities and interactions. Unlike the Aerobic Pose Packs, this mod adds more depth to the gameplay by introducing a skill progression system.

3. Dance Mod – This mod introduces various dance poses and animations to the game. It allows players to have their Sims perform different dance routines and choreographies. While both mods provide new animations for Sims, the Dance Mod is more specific to dance moves rather than general aerobic exercises.

4. Yoga Pose Pack – This mod specifically focuses on adding yoga poses to the game. It provides a wide range of yoga poses for Sims to perform, allowing them to improve their mental and physical well-being. While it shares the same concept of adding new poses, the Yoga Pose Pack differs from the Aerobic Pose Pack as it focuses on a specific exercise type.

5. Fitness Equipment Mod – This mod adds various gym equipment to the game, such as treadmills, weightlifting equipment, and exercise bikes. It allows players to create their own fitness centers or home gyms for their Sims to use. Unlike the Aerobic Pose Pack, which provides animations for poses, this mod focuses on adding new objects and interactions related to fitness equipment.
Aerobic Pose Pack Volume 1 1.0
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