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Aiming Raycast Results (+ Source)

This mod uses RayCasting, It comes in handy when detecting/fetching details of entities infront of the ray and manipulating them however you wish.

Code edits:
Added instant ped headshot aimbot
Added ped spawner (spacebar)

Update log:
Forgot to add the source… lol…
Ped spawner is so you can mess with the aimbot….

To use aimbot, Point your gun at a ped, press the E key and the aimbot will shoot the ped in the head instantly even if you stopped aiming at the ped.

Aimbot is way too fast for ped aim animation so just ignore that.

I’ve included the source code of this mod so that you may learn from it and it would help bring better mods, Raycasting is one of the most fun functions of this game once you know how to use it, I used it in my slipstream mod too.

I’ve not added any methods to do anything with the object as this is way too easy to do by using the raycast result parameter and casting it to a new ped/prop/vehicle
then manipulating that ped/prop/vehicle accordingly.

What this mod does is fetch details about the entity you’ve aimed at.

To use this mod you need to press the ‘Divide Key’ = / On your numpad to enable or disable this mod.

To use this mod you require both scripthookv and scripthookvdotnet.

I hope this comes in handy, I’ve got a bunch of natives in there that might be useful to someone.


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