Download Airtaxi + Helicopter Rappel mod v2.02 – Screenshots and Description:

Airtaxi + Helicopter Rappel mod v2.02

F10 to open the menu
numpad arrows to browse
numpad 5 to select

this mod will spawn a helicopter that will fly you to whatever location your marker is set to, and allow you to safely rappel to the ground by hovering over the location.

Now Features the Police Maverick, a command that removes the heli you were just in and a cargobob which will fly higher and give you a parachute when you jump out ??

-Game can’t distinguish between Air Ambulance and Police Maverick and will sometimes spawn an air ambulance instead of a police chopper, it’s probably just a paint job issue and i’ll be able to fix it in later releases

Quick Fix: If the game doesn’t spawn the chopper you want, jump out and hit the remove button then respawn ??



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