What happens when the stakeholders of two of America’s most iconic car brands bond over a night of alcohol, marijuana and a few too many eyeball shots? Your guess is as good as ours, we’re not quite sure either. For reasons unknown, the slow yet reliable Emperor mated with the ruthless Deluxo, and sired this deceptive beast, capable of all terrain travel and armed to the teeth with enough weaponry to put you on a watchlist virtually anywhere in the world. Just do us a favour and try not to have it eat dirt the moment you lift it off the ground.
– Legendary Motorsport

Albany-Imponte Emperor Deluxo V1.0 - 5

This mod was commissioned to FoxtrotDelta by me a little bit over a year ago, with no progress made since the initial Alpha. As FoxtrotDelta has been missing for almost an entire year, it seems unlikely that this mod is going to progress any further, so the mod has been uploaded to GTA5-Mods as is. As a result, the dials are non-functional, and probably won’t ever be.

Should it be required, I can and will take this mod down.

In all, I just hope you have as much fun with this mod as I did! There’s something seriously amusing about watching a car that looks exactly like an Emperor grow wings and fly off into the sky 🙂

Sometimes the wings don’t deploy
Tuning parts don’t work (other than wheels)


Albany-Imponte Emperor Deluxo V1.0 - 2

Albany-Imponte Emperor Deluxo V1.0 - 3

Albany-Imponte Emperor Deluxo V1.0 - 4

Albany-Imponte Emperor Deluxo V1.0 - 6

Albany-Imponte Emperor Deluxo V1.0 - 7

Albany-Imponte Emperor Deluxo V1.0 - 1

How To Install 

1. Take all three files in the archive and use them in OpenIV to replace their equivalents in:
Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdatex64dlcpacksmpchristmas2017dlc.rpfx64levelsgta5vehiclesmpchristmas2017.rpf

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2. You’re done!


Thanks for download!

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1571493403