Download Alfa Romeo 155 TI DTM [Add-On] 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Alfa Romeo 155 TI DTM [Add-On] 1.0

How to install…(use Mods folder as a backup file so you don’t screw yourself)

1. OpenIVGTAVmodsupdatex64dlcpacks….Create “155alpha” folder here (without the “”)…add dlc.rpf into folder.

2. Extract dlclist.xml to your text editor, or edit in OpenIV… Path: OpenIVGTAVmodsupdateupdate.rpfcommondatadlclist.xml. Copy the following line(between the “”) to the end of the dlclist.xml.

” dlcpacks:155alpha”

2. That should do It. Use a trainer or spawner in game. “155alfa” to spawn.

Asseto Corsa original archive. Converted to GTA V by locotomb. For Educational Purposes only.
Do not upload to any other site.

1. Digital Dials
2. Breakabletintable Glass
3. Hands on wheel
4. Blinkers/Lights setup
5. Interior Lights and Plate light
6. Paint:1 has liveries
7. Paint:2; Door Cards, interior safety pads and seat.
8. Paint:4 wheels.
9. HQ Mirrors
10. HQ Interior
11. Functional doors and hood/boot.
12. Italian License Plates
13. Edited handling.meta
14. Extra_1/2, seat belt/antenna
15. Modified texture alphas to work with GTA V Materials.



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