A new update of PUBG was released last month, in February 2023. PUBG: Battlegrounds (previously known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) has been one of the most popular battle royale games currently alongside CS: GO, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. PUBG stands out because of its realistic weapons and physics, unlike its competitors. In each battle, you will have to fight against 99 other players on a shrinking map to secure the winning position. Therefore, it’s vital to have strategy and tactics to win this game. The current update PUBG Season 22 is available for PCs, Xbox One/Series X|S, PS 4|5, Android, and iOS. 

In this post, we’ll be exploring some of the most exciting changes that you can expect to see in the latest update to your favorite game. Get ready for a new weapon, some improvements to existing weapons, and some changes to gameplay that will take your experience to the next level.

New Animals

PUBG Season 22 updateSource: PUBG

There are some furry friends joining us this season. The ice-cold map, Vikendi, is now also the habitat of bears as well as enemies. Therefore, once you enter the map, you will see a lot of bear warning signs across the route. Specifically, you will be attacked, or even slayed. Therefore, it is crucial to keep a safe space whenever you see this apex predator approaching you. Which means you need to run faster or shoot them to death. 

Moonlight Weather Mode

PUBG Season 22 updateSource: PUBG

The update also brings back the marvelous Moonlight weather mode, also in the Vikandi map. You will see this weather ambiance with beautiful aurora under the moonlight. However, it is set to show up randomly, so you better cross your fingers to see it. 

Weapon Updates

Among the updates for Season 22, this is the most major one with several adjustments for the game weapons. The new Thermal 4X Scope is among the best updates which utilize heat signatures. Then, you might detect enemies that are obscured by objects which are smoke, dust, and bushes. The backlash is that this scope is only available in Vikandi. A newly introduced weapon is The FAMAS 5.56mm AR, a new French assault rifle. It is capable of single fire, burst, and full auto. You might get it in Care Packages and other special areas. The remaining AUG, M416, M16, and the Mutant also receive balance adjustments. 

The latest update for the game includes weapon balance changes for both Normal and Ranked matches. The AUG has been moved from Care Packages and is now a world-spawn weapon, with its stats adjusted to make it more potent but challenging to handle compared to the M416. The M416’s damage has been slightly lowered, while its horizontal recoil has been enhanced.

The update also features increased Single and Burst RPM for the M16A4 and Mk47 Mutant, which previously underperformed, and reduced shotgun spawn rates to make early-game encounters less frustrating.  The P90 is now accessible in Ranked Care Packages and Secret Rooms, and the Heavy Stock attachment is becoming increasingly common.

Overall, the changes are considered healthy by the developers, who recognize the limited options in the 5.56mm bracket and the feedback about shotguns being frustrating to fight against. The devs are taking all angles into account and are mindful of how these changes will play out alongside the introduction of a new AR.

Map Changes

PUBG Season 22 updateSource: PUBG

Apart from Vikendi’s changes, Deston also got adjusted to make the battle more fun and exciting. There are new hills between Barclift and Turrita that will help battlers navigate the dangerous areas. Also, a new dirt track is present south of Sancarna. It’s a great new experience that you should try out right away.

Profile Changes

Profiles in games like PUBG serve the purpose of presenting information in an easily understandable way. With patch 22.2, the developers aimed to enhance this feature for both the Career and Profile tabs.

Your leaderboard rank for the current season will now be displayed in both tabs, as well as the highest rank you’ve achieved if you’ve attained at least Platinum V. In addition, the bonus XP rate for each weapon has been adjusted to correspond with your Weapon Mastery, providing a more streamlined experience.

Finally, the Career – Survival page has been removed from the game, and any rewards earned from it can now be found in the Customize section. These changes are intended to make the profile and career pages more user-friendly and informative.

UI and UX Changes

The development team of PUBG has been continuously working on improving the user experience and interface, and patch 22.2 is no exception. In this update, the in-game UI for weapon and attachment descriptions has been revamped to improve clarity, making it easier for players to understand the different stats and benefits of each item.

The lobby UI has also received a general facelift, providing a more visually appealing and user-friendly experience for players. Along with these changes, a Tier system has been added to Survival Mastery, giving players the opportunity to earn new rewards as they progress through the ranks.

These changes are part of the ongoing effort by the developers to make PUBG more accessible and enjoyable for all players. By improving the user interface and experience, they aim to make the game more engaging and satisfying to play.

Season 22 is expected to come to a close on April 17, 2023. If you found this article interesting, do not hesitate to visit our website daily for more news and updates.