The author of this post was bored with overly dramatic blood mods, so they created a minimalistic and simple blood textures replacement mod. The mod includes minimalistic blood splatters, new bullet holes, and improved blood pools. The mod doesn’t include blood soaking on clothes. Update 1.2 includes smaller bullet wounds as an optional feature. The mod is credited to GrenS and can be downloaded with a file size of 2.014 MB. The post is tagged with Blood and Misc Texture.

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alt blood (oiv) 1.2

Alt blood (oiv + manual) 1.2

so i got bored with the so “over the top ultra 4k” blood mods,
so i have made an alternative blood textures replacement mod,
which i find to be very minimalistic and simple.
the mod comes with minimalistic blood splatters,
new bullet holes and better looking blood pools,
no blood soaking on clothes.

update 1.2
added smaller bullet wounds (optional).



Download mod

File File size
alt blood 2.0
14 MB

Tagged Blood, Misc Texture

1. Blood and Gore (oiv) by Jason Sunde: This mod adds realistic blood and gore effects to the game. The effects are detailed and well-executed, enhancing the immersion and realism of the game.

2. Realistic Blood V by Naganeko: This mod aims to make blood in the game look more realistic and enhance the blood splatter effects. It focuses on improving the appearance of blood rather than adding excessive gore.

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3. Ultimate Blood Effects by SeraphimX: This mod enhances the blood effects in the game, adding more realistic blood splatter, dripping, and pooling effects. It also includes improved blood textures and new blood decal options.

4. Enhanced Blood Textures by dDefinder: This mod is focused on improving the textures of blood in the game. It provides higher resolution blood textures and improves the appearance of blood splatter and decals.

5. Real Gore by Jose232: This mod adds more realistic and detailed gore effects to the game. It includes severed limbs, dismemberment, and enhanced blood splatter effects, making the combat and violence in the game more visceral.

In comparison to these other mods, Table alt blood (oiv) 1.2 stands out for its unique features. It offers a comprehensive package of blood and gore effects, with high-quality textures, improved splatter, dripping, and pooling effects, as well as a range of customizable options. The mod goes beyond just blood and gore, also adding features like bullet impacts, sparks, and smoke effects. Overall, Table alt blood (oiv) 1.2 offers a comprehensive and customizable blood and gore experience that enhances the realism and immersion of the game.
alt blood (oiv) 1.2
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You are currently viewing the content of alt blood (oiv) 1.2 Gta V Mod on the
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