This year we have only one goal in mind that is to provide the best possible customer experience for users who can be satisfied with everything It is when G2 gives us a pleasant surprise when it is announced that Animaker has won a huge gift that is 12 badges in their winter reports.

G2 is one of the world’s largest Software marketplaces where users can find and review the software products they are looking for. In the monthly report G2 research teams must come up with badges based on aggregated user reviews.
And in their winter reports, Animaker was awarded 12 badges under three categories:

  • Animation
  • Design display ads
  • Video editing

Assessment form:

We finished appreciating each other right after celebrating the achievement, G2 is back to add another feather to our hat! We are very pleased for that.

To be voted No.4 Best Design Product of the year is a great privilege, especially when it is based on the reviews of more than 60 million software buyers of the G2 Marketplace!

Our main goal has always been to provide an easy to use platform, to make videos easily!
Now, we are rated as one of the World’s Best Design Products! It was a constant effort to get to where it is today.

What do user reviews say about Animaker?

Right from Company Directors to Freelancers, our precious customers have rated and recommended Animaker everywhere. Such appreciations pave way for us to give our best service always!

Thanks to kind words like these, we have been able to give our best.

To achieve the achievements we have today we must thank everyone who has joined hands to contribute their best for the work and thank the users for accompanying us. I thank you very much


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