Download Arcadius Penthouses 1.2 – Screenshots and Description:

Arcadius Penthouses 1.2

Update 1.2 – Added Ymap versions

This mod consists of 3 different penthouses (one each for Michael, Trevor and Franklin) and a rooftop nightclub located on top of the Arcadius Business Center.
I designed each penthouse to reflect the personality of each character.

Features include:
– High security underground parking
– Exclusive rooftop club with DJ, dance floor and VIP room

Trevor’s Penthouse (ArcadiusT):
– 2 Bedrooms
– Drug Lab
– Torture Room
– Vault with stolen goods

Franklin’s Penthouse (ArcadiusF):
– 2 Bedrooms
– Cinema
– Gym
– Gold Vault
– Games Room

Michael’s Penthouse (ArcadiusM):
– 3 Bedrooms
– Heist Planning Room
– Movie Room
– Art Safe

You can only load one penthouse at a time due to the object limit.
There are two versions of each – one with characters from the game in the penthouses and one without.

Requirements: Native Trainer, Map Editor and Menyoo (I have included my ObjectList.ini if you need it) or Ymap.

IMPORTANT: you need NATIVE TRAINER or something similar to make the garage lift work. You need to ENABLE MP MAPS. See pinned comment for details.

Load using Map Editor – you will be transported to the location. Or use Ymap.



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