Download Aston Martin Valhalla [Add-On] 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Aston Martin Valhalla [Add-On] 1.0

-Highly restored digital electric meter
-Vehicle stains
-HD rearview mirror
-Internal color is variable
-Random pieces of license plate
-Calipers can change color

1. Copy the oycval folder to
X:Grand Theft Auto Vupdatex64dlcpacks or X:Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdatex64


2. Use OpenIV to decompress
X: Grand Theft Auto V update update.rpf common data dlclist.xml

Or X:Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdateupdate.update.update.rpfcommondatadlclist.xml

Then open it with notepad and add a new line

dlcpacks: oycval
Save and replace with OpenIV.

3. Note that the interior color chair needs Benny’s workshop, or needs Menyoo modifier, the interior color is changed to the color, I wish you have fun.


Model: Aston Martin-Valhalla (Aston Martin-Valhalla)
3D model from?CSR Racing 2
Model conversion: OYC-King
Initiator: OYC Fundraising Team
OYC Official Open Group: 927320939
Author OYC-King: 2812309325
Module name: oycval

Download mod

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zipOYC-Aston Martin-Valhalla

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