Audi 100 Coupe S

  • For GTA V I started with this model: ” ” But, as I made it up, I was not happy enough with overall look of the car. It was good 3d model, but it was not enough Audi. as I also found this: ”é?hl=en ” (credits to: SSYRAKUZA), Model was much more Audi, but very hard to work with, because every single polygon was separated. Anyway, I used both models, and also some more models… and I also dreated something. I used some gta textures, but most of textures.


-Replace version I created for “Blista2” (Blista compact), and I also created replecements for all tuning parts. As I wanted tuning to give a “S/GT” look to the car, I had to include wings to bodyshell ( many original cars in GTA are also made that way). Blista2 has no tuning parts for wings, and this way it was possible to include it in “skirts” mod. Anyway, it looks fine and it works fine.

-Add-On version has wings as separate parts, and with linked mods also gets this kind of “S/GT” look. Also, Add-On version has european plates as the tuning part, so you can change, and change back shape of the plates as you want.(For “Blista2” I made two versions of the car, so you can chose what kind of plates to install). AddOn version also has working towing hook as the extra, so you can tow a trailer. Handling is also Blista2, I think it is good, but experts might make better.

– Both versions have secondary color for interior, so you can set any color you like. Dials are working, just not quite correctly. I even made dashboard on which dials worked perfect, but in the end I decided to chose the original layout at the expense of accuracy…. and yes – breakable glass,dirt,dust,scratches,damage,burnt,inner glass does not turn black after upgrade.


How to install:


1.Copy “audi100sc1” folder to :Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdatex64dlcpacks

2. Using OpenIV, go to: Grand Theft Auto V\modsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata — find the “dlclist.xml”
and add the following line:


1.) Replace “blista2_mods” file (“.rpf”) with openIV in this directory:
-> :Grand Theft Auto Vmodsx64w.rpfdlcpacksspupgradedlc.rpfx64levelsspupgradevehiclemods
(or in latest patchday you find this file).
If you don’t have x64w.rpf in mod folder you should copy it from game folder.

2.) Choose folder with your preferable plates shape and replace “blista2” car files (“.ytd” AND “.yft”) with openIV in this directory:
-> :Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdatex64dlcpackspatchday2ngdlc.rpfx64levelsgta5vehicles.rpf
(or in latest patchday you find those files).

If you don’t have x64w.rpf or patchday2ng in mod folder you should copy it from game folder.

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