Audi 80 Cabriolet model source: unspecified 
Overall improvements, model/texture work: HRH 
Specific parts: gunner (HKS), Rodem (HKS), Turn10 (FH3,FM7
Conversion into GTAV: HRH

Very surprisingly, there are no public mod from Audi B4 chassis at all, although RS2 Avant can be sourced from FM7. My aim was something different. 
Somewhat careless about the mediocre quality, I chose 80 Cabriolet and this time I don´t follow “OEM-line”, this car is bit like a “personal” project. 
This modification should have all the basic features of the game. I am not aware of any obvious bug apart from problems with bullet reactions (reason unknown). 

Turbo activation compulsory! If You happen to be on a steering wheel and shifter, then be careful with tuning levels! With level 3-4, car would be suitable enough even for Swedish streetraces 😛 
Take this car to do Your shopping or go straight on a strip – a true sleeper! 


Main build list:

  • Chassis from B4 80 Cabriolet, without any sills, so had to implement from avant. Primary exterior color is a resemblance of “RS Blue-II”.
  • Running gear from Porsche (RS2), Sparco strutbar, symmetric Quattro.
  • 2.2 R5 20vT ADU engine. HKS Tuning package: T51-R turbocharger, intercooler, Hi-Power Ti exhaust, intake cover.
  • “VEMS”-effect: Laptop with active VEMS, tuning levels have been increased to simulate “Boost control” option. With higher levels of “boost”, around 800-1200hp. Credits to wanted188 for better steering characteristics.
  • 4 exhausts: stock RS2, sport, DTM-style and HKS Hi-Power Ti.
  • 4x Porsche 322mm 4-piston Brembo brakes (expensive factory option).
  • Porsche ‘Cup’ rims, correct brakes position for most other tuning wheels.
  • RS2 front bumper, could not get fog lights cooperating with rest of the lighting and disabled them for now.
  • Factory trim deletion option for side skirts and rear bumper for a better “RS”-look.
  • Deletion option for front bumper, right headlight, mirrors and bonnet. For racing purposes (=
  • RS2 interior, Recaro bi-color sport seats, RS2 steering wheel, RS2 dials, carbon fibre interior trim.
  • Carbon fibre racing bonnet with cooling vent for turbo.
  • Only cabrio, no roof, no boot, but wind protector as tuning. One of the reasons, why no point to release in OEM-style.
More:  VW Amarok Offroad [V1.0.0] - Car Mod

Paint list:

1. Exterior body paint.
2. Engine bay main trim color.
4. Paintable stock rims.
6. Interior primary leather trim.
7. Dials. Keep white color for red S-needles.

Extra list:

EXTRA_1 – Front license plate.
EXTRA_3 – “0000” front grill badge.
EXTRA_4 – “0000” rear boot badge.
EXTRA_6 – Rear license plate.
EXTRA_7 – “RS2” boot badge.
EXTRA_8 – “RS2” bonnet badge.
EXTRA_12 – Interior stickers.


Please get into the archive to see the “readme.txt”




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