This mod should be the first D2 chassis Audi ever made for GTAV. Model is yet again from GTASA-era and it needed a lot of work to even get in this state, I am starting to get satisfied enough to move on. What is initally a pre-facelift A8 6.0, is redone by pictures and information to S8-spec (some FL-specific parts though). 
Features most visual aspects & charateristics of this fantastic vehicle. Custom handling is most enjoyable behind steering wheel and Manual Transmission 
For real enthusiasts, this car is actually presented in rare 6-speed manual gearbox configuration + many factory options, such as “Navigation Plus System”, “Bose Surround System” & etc. 

This modification should have all the basic features of the game. I am not aware of any obvious bug apart from problems with bullet reactions (as all my mods do). 


Paint list:

  • 1. Exterior body paint.
  • 2. Interior primary leather trim.
  • 4. Paintable stock rims.
  • 6. Interior secondary leather trim.
  • 7. Dials. Keep white color for red S-needles.

Extra list:

  • EXTRA_1 – Front license plate.
  • EXTRA_2 – “S8” front grill badge.
  • EXTRA_3 – “S8” boot badge.
  • EXTRA_4 – Optional “quattro” boot badge.
  • EXTRA_5 – GPS-antenna for Navigation Plus.
  • EXTRA_6 – “0000” front grill badge.

Tuning list:

  • Factory lower black-trim removal. You can separately turn on front bumper, rear bumper and side skirts to make them appear in exterior paint.
  • Double pipe double tip exhaust systems. Traditional or “DTM”-style mufflers.
  • 1 tuning spoiler to complete the “bodypaint-bodykit” look.
  • ALPINE 1500W RMS Subwoofer system, famous combination of 2x TYPE-R subwoofers + V12-amp.
  • Engine and suspension tuning effectively working.
More:  1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 [Add-On | Extras | Template] 1.1


  • v1.1 – fixed critical collision bug.
  • v1.0 – initial release.


Please! open the archive to see readme.txt



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