Download Automatic Anti Air Defense Alpha Version 0.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Automatic Anti Air Defense Alpha Version 0.1

Automatic Anti Air Defense is a mod that enables Anti Air Defenses to run automatically without the involvement of the player. It automatically starts firing when any attacking flying vehicles come near to the player or attack the player.

Activation Key:
Press “H”


Put Automaticairdefense.dll in the scripts folder.

Requirements to use this mod:

Latest Scripthook Version Download Scripthook
Latest Scripthookvdotnet Download Scripthookvdotnet
Install CIWS Anti Air Defense Add on (Model) by SkylineGTRFreak – Download CIWS

Both 1,2 will be installed in your Game root directory.

Known Bugs:
Working best if you spawn one, if you spawn multiple defenses then last one
will work fine.

This mod is in Alpha Testing!
If you find any glitches, or bugs, please report them in the comment section.


SkylineGTRFreak For creating CIWS Anti Air Defense Add on Model

Download mod

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