Download Axel Trainer 0.2.4 – Screenshots and Description:

Axel Trainer 0.2.4

Drag and Drop all files in zip to your gta 5 folder

Numpad to navigate
F6 to Open Menu
LB + A To Open Menu
DPAD To navigate

*Improved Open doors menu
*Added all animals to model changer
*Color of speedometers changed
*Added tiny player
*Added Ped ESP
*Improved Wanted Level
*Added Safehouses ubications
*Added High altitude ubications
*Drive trains temporary removed to improve
*Added Open All Interiors Beta Only 2 Interiors
*Removed Apply settings button on modifiers now apply automatically
*Removed Apply hour in time options now apply automatically
*Fixed Small Bug the car stop lights will no longer work on any car Thanks to @IDarthVaderX1 for report it

All changelist are here
Support Lastest Patch to spawn mp vehicles in sp vehicles won’t dissappear




@Ikt Very thanks for the base,the add on access,the help for all :3
drp4lyf for the original access to add on
Unknown Modder For Help Me in Gta Forums
@MrGlavez For The New Name
Alexander Blade ScriptHookv

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