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Bank convoy 1.0

The pacific standard bank decided to transport his diamonds to the most protected federal reserve of Los Santos,the Union Depository to prevent his diamonds got robed. But some people are very nervous for that diamonds and comed to the scene,so the union depository needs the protection of the LSPD and NOOSE. They are gonna transport the diamonds from the Pacific Standard Bank to the Union Depository in a protected bank with 2 NOOSE vans and 6 police cars,and taking extreme precautions.


Added 2 extra guards in the vault of the pacific standard bank.
More than 5 NOOSE officers in the scene.
11 LSPD officers.
Caotic people in the place.
Multiple vehicles for transport the diamonds securely.


1.Download the file.
2.Extract the fiel inside the rar.
3.Put it into root folder>menyoostuff>Spooner.
4.Run GTA V.
5.Activate menyoo and load the map.


I recommend you before you load the map i very recommend you to decrease ped population with the menyoo for prevent bugs.



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