Download Base package to replace all police vehicles for LSPDFR 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Base package to replace all police vehicles for LSPDFR 1.0

Every time we replace police vehicles, we have to find different installation paths, such as 2png, 3png and x64e. Do you feel confuse and have a headache?
And sometims ,you will encounter some strange problems, such as car rollover, black glass, even the police lights are not work.
Now this basic package can solve your troubles!!!
Just one package, you can replace your favorite police car anytime, anywhere, you can ignore the installation path
The replacement and deletion of police vehicles can be completed in one step. Even if you are green hand and rookie, you can to replace easily!!!
This replacement kit allows you to easily replace a total of 21 police vehicles in the game!!! Cover all mainstream police vehicles replacement!!!

1. Open openiv, enable the editing mode (F6), select > tools > package installer > OIV file in the rar, and install it in the mods folder
2. In order to avoid all kinds of strange problems after replacing the vehicle, it is suggested to replace the following two [data files] ~~
Replace handling.meta to Grand Theft Auto V / MODS / update / update. RPF / common / data
Replace vehicles.meta to Grand Theft Auto V / mods / update / update. RPF / common / data / levels / gta5
3. Drag and drop all kinds of police vehicle files you like into:
Grand Theft Auto V / mods / update / x64 / dlcpacks / pcpack / DLC. RPF / x64 / levels / gta5 / vehicles / vehicles.RPF
4. If you want to replace the existing police vehicle with a new one in the future, you just need to repeat repeat step 3 (no matter how the replacement path changes in the future, your replacement will not be affected)

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