Download [Batch script] Lightweight Mod Switcher v1.5.1 – Screenshots and Description:

[Batch script] Lightweight Mod Switcher v1.5.1

Basic mod switcher for Grand Theft Auto V.

By downloading this program you agree to ask for permission before using the entire, or any part of the source code/program for other projects/uploading to other sites. You also agree to not hold me, RainBawZ/kukpappa/FoddEx liable for any damage done to your game and/or system files through improper use and/or modification of the program.

Extract the .zip file to any location on your computer and run the batch script. The script automatically locates and stores the path to your GTA installation for later use (This might take some time so be patient). When this is done, you’re good to go.

There are two modes to choose from when in the program; single mode and multi mode. Single mode enables/disables a given mod by file name. Multi mode enables/disables all mods.

For those of you who are suspicious as to what this program contains, have some source code ??

v1.6.0 status
Progress status on the next version can be found here.

Change log:
(Version with auto updating can be found on my web page)
Added file names to recognised mods.

Known issues:

– When disabling a .NET based script using Single Mode, it can’t be re-enabled with the mod switcher, but instead enabled manually.
– The debugger does not output text.
– Mods enabled or disabled with Single Mode does not refresh in the action menu. A program restart is required for changes to be seen.
– Mod file names containing spaces does not work correctly.
– When the path for GTA is found, it’ll output some broken text starting with “FINDSTR CANNOT OPEN /../X”

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