Download Battlefield 3 ACWR (with 4K textures) RC1 – Screenshots and Description:

Battlefield 3 ACWR (with 4K textures) RC1

This replace the Carbine rifle by the ACWR.


I’m still working on the final improved textures.

How To Use:

1. Make sure you have Installed OpenIV & OpenIV.ASI: OpenIV > Tools > ASI Manager
2. Start OpenIV and go to “GTA Vupdatex64dlcpackspatchday3ngdlc.rpfx64modelscdimagesweapons.rpf”
3. Clic Edit Mode (on the top right of OpenIV)
4. Clic Add (the green cross) and search for the downloaded .ydr and .ytd and add them.
5. Go to file and hit rebuild.
6. When it’s done simply launch GTA . This mod replace the Carabine rifle.

Remember that playing online with modified .rpf may lead your account to be banned.

Known Issues:
The silencer is glitched because the ACWR model is longer than original carabine, Muzzle flash is also not perfect for the same reason.
Only _hi model ATM (i’ll add the other one on a forthcoming update).
You can’t change color (well you can but it make the mod bug) (i’m also working on it).


Model From Battlefield 3.
Texture reworked by Me(MrEwok).
Rig by by Me(MrEwok).
Big Thank to my friend Tonight for .odr/wdr conversion (cause i haven’t got GTA IV)

Download mod

File File size


14 MB