Download Beach Apartment 2.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Beach Apartment 2.1

This map is for Menyoo. It will not load in Map Editor. It will not work on pirated versions of the game and you must have the latest patch installed. If you load these maps with graphic enhancement mods your frames will drop to shit. Luckily I don’t care about that. I do not make Menyoo, so bug @MAFINS.

To install, drop the xml file in the Spooner folder of the Menyoostuff directory.

In game, go to Object Spooner > Manage Save Files > Beach Apartment

Change Log:
-Teleports! Now you can enter and exit this just like a regular apartment. Loading the map will spawn you inside. Walk to the corona by the door to go to the pool patio below, and walk to the corona down there to exit through the front door.

-All peds are now fully dynamic, meaning they will respond to gunfire or other displays of aggression, get up, fight you, run away, etc.

v2.1 – Teleports are now compatible with latest version of Menyoo, and will spawn you facing the correct direction.



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