For the car enthusiasts, Benny’s Motorworks SP mod is just like heaven. Benny is the legendary mechanic in Los Santos who can fix your cars especially lowriders. So, bring your lowriders in Benny’s Motorworks and witness the magic of Benny. For the smooth experience and to avoid any issues make sure that you have disabled the online maps from the XML file.

The mod is pretty sublime but it does not support the pirated versions of GTA V. So make sure to have cracked GTA.exe. Some people only have cracked vehicle models which are not enough for this mod. Lowrider update is also a must so these are the known issues that people are facing. Now let’s talk about the features of Benny’s Motorworks SP mod in detail.

  • Sometimes you find Benny’s workshop closed but with this mod, you can force open the door and get the necessary upgrades. To avail this option, you need to delete the previously saved game and while loading the change the status of ForceOpenDoors to true and voila everything is good.
  • You have the variety of different horns and newly added Christmas horns and Benny could set up any one of your choosing. Horn timing can also be adjusted and you can make the horn honk for up to one whole minute.
  • You can change the color of your cars in the workshop. You can design the interior and exterior on the basis of theme and after all the upgrades you want the original color back, Benny’s Motorworks can revert it for you.
  • Varieties of tuning options are available and if you know your cars then you can understand how sophisticated this mod is. We got the options for under lights tuning with neon lights, license plates can be colored,  you can adjust lights in the wheels as well, and could redesign the roof. To give your car complete racer look, you can tint the windows and adjust the tire smoke tuning. 
  • You can place the car inside the shop and can see all the work that is going on with the camera view. The sensitivity of the camera is also adjusted so, you can have a good look at interior redesigning. Customization of tires can also be seen. All the efforts are made just to make sure that gamers are having the real game experience that GTA V promises.
  • Rockstar has started banning the new cars in single-player mode. So, if you want to enjoy the new update you have to use this mod.
  • Camera work was redesigned in this map to cover all the possible angles and provide the best gaming experience for the gamers. The overall interior of Benny’s Motorworks was also made fancy and cool.

So, if you own any classic junker in GTA V, you can take it to the Benny’s Motorworks and your car will turn into a high-end king of the road type vehicle. So, what are you waiting for, download the Benny’s Motorworks SP mod and start customizing your vehicle.




How to install:

1. Install ScriptHookV.
2. Install ScriptHookVDotNet 2.4
3. Install NativeUI (comes in the zip).
4. Extract everything from the .zip into your /scripts/ folder. If it doesn’t exist,
make one!

Disabling Online Map:

The online map may cause issues like props disappearing from character’s houses. To disable this, edit BennysMotorworks.xml found in your scripts/ directory and set UnloadOnlineMap to true, LoadOnStartup to false and UseOldEntrance to true.


If you’re having problems with the mod, follow the next steps:

1. Run the game as administrator.
2. Pirate versions are not supported, you need a cracked GTA5.exe, not just the vehicle models.
3. Make sure you are on the latest game version, you NEED the lowrider update.
4. Update your ScriptHookVDotNet to version 2.4
5. Update your ScriptHookV

  • If you still cannot play the mod, post your “ScriptHookVDotNet-[current date].log” (found in the GTA5 root directory) in the comment section and I’ll try to help.
  • If you’re getting the “Can’t find native 0x00…” error, you don’t have the Lowrider Update installed probably because you have a pirated copy. (source:
  • If your log says it find 0 scripts in BennyMotorworks.dll, remove ScriptHookVDotNet.dll from the /scripts/ folder.
  • If the garage has graffiti on it, but it doesn’t open, you’ll have to progress your story, or download a savefile.

Download Links:

 1.8.1 (current) Link Download: