Download Better Biker Balance [.NET] 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Better Biker Balance [.NET] 1.0

As I was testing some of my other mods, I noticed how annoying it was to fall off of the bikes so easily.

What this mod does is disable ragdolling from impacts and ragdolls while using a bike/motorcycle. The ini file sets the limit (in MPH) at which the ragdoll is turned back on (ragdoll also automatically turns back on when player gets off of the bike).

I know theres the seatbelt mod and all but from what I can tell you have to set a button, I’d rather offer another solution.

Like you see at the end of the video, if you can’t ragdoll in rare situations, you can get stuck and then die.


SHV, SHVDN (3.0.4)


v 1.0 – initial release. Covers cycles and motorcycles.



Jitnaught for the guide on how to write ini files.

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