Download Better Character Switching In Car 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Better Character Switching In Car 1.0


– ScriptHookV
– ScriptHookVDotNet

OTHER MODS (Optional)

– Character Blips


– removes character exits his car like an idiot when he sees another character
(when he says “you wanna drink something?”),
– removes character says “are you following me?” (in vehicle not on foot),
– keeps custom color when switching character if the vehicle has a custom color,
– enter other character’s vehicle as passenger and be able o switch characters,
– keeps engine running state (able to not let a character to move with his car).


Put “BetterCharacterSwitching.dll” in “scripts” folder.


Mehdi Zoubai
– Alexander Blade,
– Crosire.

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