Download Better Yellow Jack’s Interior | FiveM Ready 2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Better Yellow Jack's Interior 1.0

This mod features a new interior design of the well known Yellow Jacks.

How to install for FiveM:
1: Open your server files
2: Direct to your server resources
3: Put the folder in a normal streaming file
4: Open the server

How to install for GTA V Single Player:
You need OpenIV!
-copy and paste folder “custom_maps” to:
-Finally add “dlcpacks:custom_maps” in dlclist.xml using OpenIV to:

Then add the file called hickbarshell.ydr

Update 2.0 Changelog
-added divisionnoshadows.ydr (Makes the division wall at the bar to brick)
-added hickneon.ydr (Changed 2 Neon signs. Cold beer and OPEN)
-Changed all the wall, floor and ceiling textures in hickbarshell.ydr
-Updated some textures on the floor rug


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