Download Black Ops Body Guard Mod 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Black Ops Body Guard Mod 1.0


This mod allow’s you to spawn a “BodyGuard” to protect you with a “CarbineRifle” and following you.

Sometimes you feel like “Iam alone fighting the “Police” or a “Gang”. Now you dont have to be.

!You can spawn as many you want!


–Installation– –Requirements–

First open up the “BlackOpsBodyGuardMod” folder.

In the “BlackOpsBodyGuardMod” you will see a “SCRIPT-FILE” –

Open up the “SCRIPT-FILE”.

Now you will see a “Bodyguard.cs” file.

Now you want to drag and drop the “Bodyguard.cs” into your script’s folder.

Requirements are “ScriptHookV & ScriptHookVDotNet & “NativeUI” & a “scripts folder.

-Function Key.

Press the function key “B” for the “Bodyguard” to spawn.

Have fun! ??



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