This is the sp shock shield, provides protection from enemy fire and is very useful for breaking into slum alleys.

The vehicle was not created by me, I put it here to be able to download this vehicle separately.

If you have questions about the procedure and just go to
Old Bob will explain it well.

Armor author sends me your name please


Blindado Choque pmesp 1.62 - 1

Blindado Choque pmesp 1.62 - 2

Blindado Choque pmesp 1.62 - 3

How To Install 

1.Open openIV
2. go to tools-search / search
3.copy the file name (turial.ydd) and put it to search
4.Enter the search result and place the file of the shielded / depending will appear + 1 result in the search, if this happens place the file in all.


Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget share to your friends!

Link Download :