This content is about a Blood Mod created by the user. The mod features various blood-related elements from games such as Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2. It includes textures for blood pools, squibs, muzzle cores, and gunshot wounds. There are also darker blood spray and pools, new damage decals on cars and streets, and edits to particle files and explosions. The mod requires certain patches and adjusters to work properly and is compatible with custom muzzle core effects. The latest version of the mod includes improvements to the blood effects on bullet holes.

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Blood & Gore V2.1

Blood & Gore 1.7

This is my Attempt at creating a Blood Mod

Max Payne 3 Blood Pool Textures
Max Payne 3 Blood Squibs
Max Payne 3 Muzzle Cores
Max Payne 3 Gunshot Wounds
Red Dead Redemption 2 Bullets & Shotgun Holes
8 Splatter Mist Textures (9 Textures/ Splatter Texture)
11 Bloodpools
Darker Bloodspray
Darker Bloodpools
New Damage Decals on Cars and Streets
Mud & Snow on Cars
Particle Files Edits
Explosion & Fire Edits
Improved Textures using AI Super-Resolution
Woundsize depends on Bullettype
Wound Soak Textures depends on Bullettype
Wounds caused by smaller Calibers take longer to produce Wound Soak than a Shotgun Hit
Compatible with Custom Muzzle Core Effects
OIV Automatic Installer & Manual Install included

Decals Limit Patch
Packfile Limit Adjuster
Dilapidated Gameconfig

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OIV Automatic Installer & Manual Install included

Kill Cam
Special Abilities Edits
Custom Muzzle Core Effects

Some of the Screenshots are taken with the Kill Cam Mod combined with Special Abilities Edits.
The Green/Red Filter makes Blood & Gore look even better.

Changelog 2.1
Few changes to the file bloodfx.dat to get better blood effects on bullet holes
please report any issues



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1. Ultra Violence Mod: The Ultra Violence Mod enhances the blood and gore effects in the game similar to the Table Blood & Gore V2.1 Mod. It adds realistic and intense blood splatter, dismemberment, and decapitation animations. Additionally, this mod also introduces new weapons and gameplay tweaks to make the combat more intense and brutal.

2. Brutal Doom: One of the most popular blood and gore mods for Doom, Brutal Doom amps up the violence to extreme levels. It features graphic blood effects, destructible environments, improved enemy AI, and more gruesome death animations. This mod also introduces new weapons, such as a chainsaw that can cut enemies in half, making the gameplay more visceral and intense.

3. Project Brutality: Building upon the foundation of Brutal Doom, Project Brutality takes the blood and gore to even greater heights. It features enhanced blood particle effects, new death animations, improved enemy AI, and an extensive arsenal of weapons to unleash carnage upon enemies. This mod also offers new gameplay features like dual-wielding weapons, allowing for maximum destruction.

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4. TrailBlazer: While not solely focused on blood and gore, TrailBlazer is a mod that adds intense and fast-paced combat to Doom. It introduces a new playable character armed with dual-wieldable weapons and special abilities, leading to chaotic battles. Although the blood effects are not as pronounced as in other mods, the fast-paced combat and visual flair make TrailBlazer a fun alternative.

5. Beautiful Doom: Unlike the ultra-violent mods mentioned above, Beautiful Doom aims to enhance the visual and audio aspects of Doom while keeping the blood and gore effects more restrained. It features improved weapon animations, dynamic lighting effects, enhanced sound effects, and realistic blood splatter. If you prefer the original Doom experience with subtle improvements, Beautiful Doom is a great option.
Blood & Gore V2.1
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