Hello all, This is my first release in terms of a vehicle, I have been creating Vehicle Liveries for a while and have recently learned how to create vehicle modifications alongside others such as Peds which may come in the future.

Today I’m releasing a modification that is aimed to mirror the real-life version as much as possible, West Yorkshire Police’s RPU BMW 525D Touring, a heavily used vehicle in daily operations across West Yorkshire and also used by many other forces in the same setup such as Humberside Police.


The credits for the vehicle are within the file under ‘Documentation’ and I am grateful for all the creators who have permitted me to use their work. A big thanks to JamesR for releasing the car, it gives ‘beginner’ modders to get some framework and begin their so-called career on making vehicle.

An extra ‘Alternative Livery’ has been provided in Humberside Police Spec, if you wish to use that instead of the West Yorkshire Police one feel free.

You are permitted to use this within communities etc.

2014 BMW F11 Credits:

Model Arkviz3dGarage
Model textures ArkvizJamesR
Model convert to facelift ArkvizJamesR
Converted to GTA JamesR
Alloys modelled JamesR
Model templated JamesR

Equipment Credits:

XT4 Modules: BritishBobster
PH ButtonBlasts: AdrianK
Airmax: BritishBobster
PH STC Controller: BritishBobster
Sepura SRG3500: BritishBobster
WatchGuard: HDgamerzPC
Lightbar: AdrianK (Edits by: BritishBobster)
Traffic Equipment: Mighty
Matrix Board: BritishBobster

WYP – BMW 525D Touring RPU Credits:

Setup: BritishBobster
Skin: BritishBobster
Windows: BritishBobster
ELS Config: ObsidianGames
Screenshots: ItzMersey/Oliver James

Alternative Livery (Humberside) Credits:

Skin: BritishBobster
Windows: BritishBobster




Here is your Mod to get BMW 525D Touring RPU !

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1568101720